Canstruction Guidelines

Size of Structure – Maximum size for a structure is 10ft L x 10ft W x 10ft H.

Size of Build Team – Maximum size of each team is five (5) builders at a time.  Additional team members are allowed outside of the build area to assist with other duties. Most teams have 5-7 members.

Build Time – Maximum build time is six (6) hours. No build should exceed 6 hrs.

Design Plan – Teams must submit sketches/ renderings including:

  • Official team name & title of structure
  • Description and Dimensions of structure
  • Photos/sketches of structure that inspire your creation
  • Total number of cans & type to be used in structure. Detailed instructions will be provided.
  • Names of the five official Team Members & additional Associate Team Members
  • Names of Team Supporters—should your team choose to solicit funds from other vendors, clients, or corporations, the names of these organizations can be added to your team sign as “Team Supporters”.
  • Your company logo
  • Acquiring/purchasing all food for structure is sole responsibility of team

Structures Must Be Built Using Cans – Cans must be full, unopened, and unaltered, with labels intact and legible. Labels MAY NOT be covered, stripped off, or altered in any way. However, a single layer of clear packing tape may be used over top of cans. Please ensure containers made of plastic or materials other than aluminum can support the weight of cans stacked on top. Cans MAY NOT be painted or glued. Packaged food may only be used to accent your structure but must not be more than 10% of your structure.

Types of Cans

Permissible Items:

  • Nutritional canned food of all sizes may be used

Non-Permissible Items:

  • NO glass containers, alcoholic beverages or soda
  • NO junk food or pet food (Make every effort in designing your structure to use nutritious, edible foods)
  • NO opened, exposed or expired food
  • NO covered, stripped off or altered labels. Cans must be full, unopened, and with labels intact and legible

Types of Structural Support

Permissible Items:

  • Clear and double-faced tape
  • Velcro, magnets
  • High-tension rubber bands, nylon string, wire, tie-backs, zip ties
  • Tubes, wooden and threaded rods used for alignment
  • One-quarter inch thick materials- for the purpose of leveling materials and not as load bearing

Below are suggestions ranging from lightest to toughest

  • Cardboard
  • Foam-core
  • Masonite
  • MDF
  • Plywood

 Non-Permissible Items:

* Structures MUST be structurally self-supporting:

  • NO 2 x 4 boards
  • NO leveling boards greater than 1/4” thick
  • NO sheet metal
  • NO permanent adhesives

The Awards:

Eligible winning structures from Canstruction® London Ontario will be submitted to Canstruction® International to compete against other city wide winners

There are seven awards – six are decided by the judging panel, and one by the public at large. Those determined by the judging panel include:

  1. Most Cans: The structure that is built using the greatest number of cans (bags, boxes, etc will not be counted)
  2. Best Use of Labels: Design of the structure is articulated by the labels. Strong use of colour and alignment will add to the visual
  3. Best Meal: The products used in the structure could make a complete meal. Nutritious canned or packaged food choices which include all food groups will be
  4. Structural Ingenuity: How did they get that to stand? Hidden structural supports and balanced or gravity defying designs will wow
  5. Best Original Design: Does the structure avoid trademark images? (e.g. Mickey Mouse) Is it a new twist on something or an original idea?
  6. Judges Favourite: The judging panel picks this one!
  7. People’s Choice: The public will “donate to vote” for their favourite structure