Recovery Community Centre

“Recovery comes from Hope and without Hope there is no Recovery”.

The Recovery Community Centre is a new holistic approach available to anyone in the community primarily seeking recovery from substance use. Our community is welcoming, and encourages people’s recovery journey by providing programming and activities,  that foster increased confidence, self-resiliency and builds a sense of belonging.


The Recovery Community Centre aims to show people that living in recovery is not only possible, but can lead to improved health, wellness, and better quality of life.


People connected with Recovery Community Centre’s have been shown to have decreased substance use, be less likely to access formal inpatient services and have seen an improvement in their mental well-being.


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Pillars of Support

Recovery Activities

Peer Support

Formal Services

Recovery Living

Paths to Recovery

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A person who independently chooses to access The Recovery Community Centre and is seeking out information.

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Community Referral

A person who chooses to access The Recovery Community Centre through a community organization in which they are participating make a collaborative decision to submit a referral.

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A person (whether through self-referral or community referral) wishes to just walk in and gain information.